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Based on feedback from the IEEE volunteer community, IEEE launches its new Volunteer Expense Reimbursement tool, Concur, a cloud-based expense reimbursement application designed to create an easy, efficient, and automated expense reimbursement experience for IEEE volunteers.  This new platform was endorsed by the IEEE Financial Committee (FinCom) and officially launches in February 2019.

Below you will find an overview. 

IEEE is improving the expense reimbursement process. Concur is a robust and user-friendly tool that will deliver a broad range of benefits, including:

  • Faster payments due to reduced cycle time from submission to reimbursement
  • Single process for submission of expense reimbursement requests
  • Ability to track in real time the status of your expense reports
  • Ability to capture credit card transaction details and autofill expense reports
  • Ability to upload images of receipts at any time
  • Availability of a mobile app that lets you build, update, or approve expense reports at any time, even during your trip
  • Improved processing of international payments
  • Improved overall reporting
  • Integration with third-party applications such as Uber
  • Ability to store banking information directly into Concur’s secure platform for faster electronic reimbursement


Beginning in Q4 2018, Concur was initially rolled out to a pilot group of IEEE volunteers as Phase I. For Phase II (February 2019 launch): If you currently submit your expense reports directly to your Region, Section, Chapter, or Conference, please continue your current process. These types of expense reimbursements will move to Concur at a later phase. For all other expenses, the preferred means to submit your expense report is through Concur. (See muti-phased rollout schedule.)


For information on IEEE Travel Program, click here.


For More on How to Get Started

Registration is now available.

  • If you do not have an IEEE Account, establish one here.
  • If you have an IEEE Account, request access to Concur here.  You will then be able to log in within 24 hours, after your account has been provisioned. (Note: You will not receive an email when your account becomes active.)
  • Log into Concur here (you may be prompted to enter your IEEE credentials to log into the IEEE network before entering Concur). Fill out your profile, including your banking and traveler profile information (where applicable). If your local currency is not USD, EUR, CAD, INR, or SGD, you will need to create a Western Union profile for reimbursement (see question #22A in FAQs).
  • Download the app -- for Apple (iOS) users or for Google Android users. To sign into the mobile app, use the code EDDB6G to enable single sign-on.


To help you get started and support your transition to this modern and streamlined new platform, here are some other key resources to note:

  • View Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)  about the new platform, its scheduled multi-phase rollout, and quick tips for new users.
  • View a brief informational video here (Note: Features such as Concur Request and TripLink will not be immediately available for expense reimbursement).
  • View a comprehensive video tutorial (self-paced training) here.
  • Learn more about Concur at
  • Expense Report Purpose (ERP) "Cheat Sheet": For quick reference and selection of appropriate expense report purposes, approver workflows, and GL coding, view the ERP library here.
  • For technical assistance, contact Concur's user support desk (PDF).  
  • For general questions, contact IEEE’s project team at


Below are the 2019 and 2018 IEEE expense report forms for expense reports not processed through Concur (e.g., Conferences, Regions, Sections, and Awards, etc.)

  • 2019 (XLSX, 27 KB) (Please submit this 2019 expense report in Excel form for your 2019 [this year] travel expenses)
  • 2018 (XLSX, 27 KB) (Please submit this 2018 expense report in Excel form for your 2018 [last year] travel expenses)