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NextGen Expense Reimbursement - Concur


The NextGen Expense Reimbursement tool, Concur, is an automated platform that is designed to be fast, easy, and efficient. IEEE volunteers will save time with a streamlined experience, with IEEE directly reimbursing you. Plus, you can use the mobile app for easy on-the-go expense reporting. This new platform was endorsed by the IEEE Financial Committee (FinCom) and officially launched in February 2019.

IEEE Sections and Standards Working Group -- Concur Availability Fall 2020



The NextGen Expense Reimbursement tool uses a single sign-on process for logging in through, not 

All users will need an IEEE account (IEEE username and password) to access the platform.







Concur Checklist  

Do you need assistance? Refer to this checklist (PDF, 568KB) for help


How Will You Benefit from using Concur? 

  • Receive payments faster with electronic payment processing
  • Single process for submission of expense reimbursement requests
  • Track the status of expense reports in real time
  • Autofill and capture credit card transaction details securely 
  • Upload images of receipts at any time
  • Improved processing of international payments and reporting overall
  • Integration with third-party applications such as Uber
  • Store banking information with secure platform for faster electronic reimbursement


Download the App

View comprehensive video (How to log into the Concur Mobile App).

Create, submit, and approve expense reports anytime/anywhere with the mobile app.


Training and Quick Reference

View video tutorial (self-paced training).

View Expense Report Purpose (ERP) library (for selecting ERP, approver workflows, and GL coding).   


Need Help?

  • For general questions, contact IEEE’s project team at
  • For technical assistance, contact Concur's user support desk (PDF).  
  • Frequently asked questions

    How do I get started?

    • The NextGen Expense Reimbursement tool uses a single sign-on process for logging in through, not
    • All users will need an IEEE account (IEEE username and password) to access the platform. Request an IEEE account.
    • For registration details, see next question.
    • You can view a brief video for an introduction to Concur (Note: Features such as Concur Request and TripLink will not be immediately available for expense reimbursement).


    How do I register and log in?

    Using the new NextGen Expense Reimbursement platform, Concur, is easy.

    Start on (DO NOT go to Note: The NextGen Expense Reimbursement tool uses a single sign-on process for logging in through, not All users will need an IEEE account (IEEE username and password) to access the platform.

    • Step 1: Create Account

      All users will need an IEEE account (IEEE username and password) to access the platform. Request an IEEE account, if you do not already have one. Create a Concur account. You will receive an email with login instructions, within 24-36 hours of creating an Concur account.

    • Step 2: Access Concur

      Use your IEEE account to log into Concur. Fill out your profile, including your banking and traveler profile information (where applicable). If your local currency is not USD, EUR, CAD, or INR, you will need to create a Western Union profile for reimbursement in your local currency.

    • Step 3: Download the App

      Download the mobile app. To sign into the mobile app, use the code EDDB6G to enable single sign-on.


    If I already use SAP Concur through another company or institution, can I use the same login user ID?

    No. Every company or institution's use of Concur is independent from one another. To register and log in, please follow the instructions in the answer to the preceding question.


    How do I get the mobile app and sign in?

    You can download the mobile app:


    To sign into the mobile app, use the code EDDB6G to enable single sign-on (watch video).


    Where do I get help logging into Concur?

    Volunteers may reach out to IEEE’s project team at for general assistance or questions.

    Does anything change with my Concentration Banking (CB) Card?

    No, there is no process change when using a CB card.


    Do I enter my banking information in Concur or Western Union?

    The reimbursement currency in your Concur profile is based on your country of residence.

    If you reside in a country where one of the currencies listed below is considered the local currency, you must enter your banking information directly into Concur (select Profile > Profile Settings > Bank information).

    • U.S. dollar (USD)
    • Euro (EUR)
    • Canadian dollar (CAD)
    • Indian rupee (INR)


    If your currency is NOT one of the four listed above, you will need to complete a one-time enrollment with Western Union in order to receive electronic reimbursements from IEEE. To enroll, please complete the required registration form. Enter your 8-digit IEEE member number in the "Payee ID" field.

    Questions regarding the Western Union registration process can be forwarded to Western Union by email at or by phone at +1 800 815 2460 option 1. For all other general inquiries, please continue to contact the IEEE project team at


    Can I delegate the submitting of an expense report to someone else, such as a person on my staff or an IEEE staff member?

    Yes, details on how to designate as a "Delegate" are available in training materials. Note: Individuals who approve expense reports also may identify "Approval Delegates" to serve as a backup when the customary approver is out.


    What is the "Expense Report Purpose (ERP)" field?

    The Expense Report Purpose (ERP) field automatically drives the General Ledger (GL) coding and approvals; you cannot edit the GL code in Concur. Your dedicated IEEE staff support provides ERP information. Or, you may refer to the ERP "cheat sheet." Note also that an expense report can have multiple expense report purposes; each line can be different.


    How will I get reimbursed for my expenses?

    You'll be reimbursed electronically. Each user will be responsible for maintaining their own banking information within their user profile.


    Will my expense reimbursement be made in my country’s currency?

    Yes, all electronic payments processed through Concur will be made in the local currency, based on the country of residence in each user’s personal profile.


    What if I do not want to give Concur my financial information?

    The only way to be reimbursed is electronically and your bank information will need to be entered in your Concur profile (for some countries it will be a Western Union profile). If you do not provide the banking information, the payment cannot be processed. Personal information entered in the profile is secure and can only be managed and viewable by the user.


    How do I enter transactions in a foreign currency?

    When entering transactions in a foreign currency, use the currency that is shown on the receipt. Concur converts transactions to your local currency and reimbursements will be made in your local currency.


    Can volunteers still get checks or do they have to have direct deposit?

    IEEE will no longer be issuing checks for these reimbursements. All payments for expense reports processed through Concur will be issued electronically.


    Are there any issues with direct deposit in some countries?

    In accordance with U.S. government regulations, payment is not allowed to some countries (see list [PDF]). In these instances, continue to use the current Excel spreadsheet process.


    Is my data within the new Concur platform secure?

    Yes. Concur meets ISO, SSAE, and PCI Compliance standards, ensuring the utmost in security measures.


    Do I have to enter my banking information if I’m only submitting an expense report for items that were charged on my Corporate credit card?

    Yes. You will not be able to submit an expense report without first entering your banking information into the Concur system.


    Can I use a separate bank account other than my personal banking account?

    Yes. Each user must provide a bank account in their personal profile settings. If you seek to create a separate bank account to be used only for Concur, this option is available to you.

    What is the NextGen Expense Reimbursement tool - Concur?

    The NextGen Expense Reimbursement tool, Concur, is an electronic, expense reporting and reimbursement platform that's fast and efficient. IEEE volunteers will use this tool to submit expense reports for reimbursement rather than the current paper process.


    Why did IEEE choose Concur?

    Concur is a robust and user-friendly platform that will deliver a broad range of benefits to users, including:

    • Faster reimbursement, due to elimination of the manual paper process and reduction in cycle time from expense report submission to reimbursement
    • Integration with other online applications and improved receipt submission
    • Ability to track in real time the status of expense reports including an email notification of expense report approval status
    • Availability of a mobile app to support users on a smart device at any time
    • Improved processing of international payments
    • Improved overall reporting


    Why is IEEE making this process change?

    IEEE listened closely to the feedback of its volunteer community. Based on their requests for a more efficient expense reimbursement process that gives volunteers greater visibility to the status of their reimbursements, IEEE is making the change from a paper-based expense process to an electronic platform.


    What will change from the current process when we move to the Concur process?

    We are transitioning from a paper process to an electronic process. Instead of creating and submitting expense reports on paper, IEEE volunteers will be creating, submitting, reviewing, and/or approving expense reports electronically through Concur. Registration is now available; you can request access to the tool by using your IEEE account.


    Does this change in process benefit IEEE as well?

    Yes. In addition to creating an easier and more efficient process for volunteers, the new platform will also deliver a range of benefits to IEEE. These benefits include a more efficient and less manual process for reviewing, approving, and paying expense reports; and enhanced reporting and data capture for more detailed and thorough analysis of expense reimbursements by IEEE. The new platform also supports IEEE's quality and compliance objectives with its simplified internal controls and audit capabilities to validate expenses.


    Do I have to use Concur -- can I just keep doing expenses the way I used to do them?

    No, after the go-live date (see schedule above), all paper expense reports will be returned to the volunteer for re-submission in Concur. The new Concur platform has been endorsed by the IEEE Financial Committee (FinCom) to move IEEE away from paper forms and receipts, delayed payments, and the inability to track the status of reimbursements. Concur is a robust and user-friendly platform that will deliver a broad range of benefits, including electronic submission, ease of use, faster reimbursement, visibility into approval flow, and security of personal information.

    Where can I go for more information?

    In addition to the various communications that IEEE volunteers and professional staff members will be receiving over the coming months to help support their understanding of and transition to the new platform, information also is available on


    How will volunteer leaders approve the expenses of other volunteers who they have the responsibility to approve?

    Those volunteer leaders (i.e., Treasurers that have rights to paper process approval) will have the same approval authority in Concur. For further information, please refer to


    The IEEE Travel Program uses Concur Travel as its primary online booking tool. Will this be integrated with Concur Expense?

    Yes, upon launch of IEEE’s volunteer expense reimbursement platform, the Concur Expense and Travel tools will be integrated. Volunteers who want to learn more about IEEE’s Travel Program and the benefits of Concur Travel, click here.

    Print all Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 169KB).


Expense Reports Not Processed Through Concur

Below are the 2019 and 2018 IEEE expense report forms for expense reports not processed through Concur (e.g., Conferences, Sections, Awards, third-party reimbursements, etc.)

  • 2020 (XLSX, 27 KB) (Please submit this 2020 expense report in Excel form for your 2020 [this year] travel expenses)
  • 2019 (XLSX, 27 KB) (Please submit this 2019 expense report in Excel form for your 2019 [last year] travel expenses)